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Cachet, N.; Hoakwie, F.; Bertani, S.; Bourdy, G.; Deharo, E.; Stien, D.; Houel, E.; Gornitzka, H.; Fillaux, J.; Chevalley, S.; Valentin, A.; Jullian, V. Antimalarial Activity of Simalikalactone E, a New Quassinoid from Quassia amara L. (Simaroubaceae) 2009 Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 53 4393-4398
Courtois, E.A.; Baraloto, C.; Timothy Paine, C.E.; Petronelli, P.; Blandinieres, P.-A.; Stien, D.; Houel, E.; Bessiere, J.-M.; Chave, J. Differences in volatile terpene composition between the bark and leaves of tropical tree species 2012 Phytochemistry 82 81-88
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Diatta, Bétémondji Désiré ; Niass, Ousmane ; Diouf, Massamba ; Guéye, Mathieu ; Houel, Emeline ; Boetsch, Gilles Diversité et composition phytochimique des bâtonnets frotte-dents (cure-dents) proposés chez les Peul de la commune de Tessékéré (Ferlo Nord, Sénégal) 2021 Journal of Applied Biosciences 158 16267-16281
Falkowski, M.; Jahn-Oyac, A.; Ferrero, E.; Issaly, J.; Eparvier, V.; Girod, R.; Rodrigues, A.M.S.; Stien, D.; Houel, E.; Dusfour, I. Assessment of A Simple Compound-Saving Method to Study Insecticidal Activity of Natural Extracts and Pure Compounds Against Mosquito Larvae 2016 Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 32 337-340