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Bertani, S.; Houel, E.; Stien, D.; Chevolot, L.; Jullian, V.; Garavito, G.; Bourdy, G.; Deharo, E. Simalikalactone D is responsible for the antimalarial properties of an amazonian traditional remedy made with Quassia amara L. (Simaroubaceae) 2006 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 108 155-157
Houel, E.; Fleury, M.; Odonne, G.; Nardella, F.; Bourdy, G.; Vonthron-Sénécheau, C.; Villa, P.; Obrecht, A.; Eparvier, V.; Deharo, E.; Stien, D. Antiplasmodial and anti-inflammatory effects of an antimalarial remedy from the Wayana Amerindians, French Guiana: Takamalaimë (Psidium acutangulum Mart. ex DC., Myrtaceae) 2015 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 166 279-285
Houel, E.; Nardella, F.; Jullian, V.; Valentin, A.; Vonthron-Sénécheau, C.; Villa, P.; Obrecht, A.; Kaiser, M.; Bourreau, E.; Odonne, G.; Fleury, M.; Bourdy, G.; Eparvier, V.; Deharo, E.; Stien, D. Wayanin and guaijaverin, two active metabolites found in a Psidium acutangulum Mart. ex DC (syn. P. persoonii McVaugh) (Myrtaceae) antimalarial decoction from the Wayana Amerindians 2016 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 187 241-248
Odonne, G.; Houel, E.; Bourdy, G.; Stien, D. Treating leishmaniasis in Amazonia: A review of ethnomedicinal concepts and pharmaco-chemical analysis of traditional treatments to inspire modern phytotherapies 2017 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 199 211-230
Courtois, E.A.; Paine, C.E.T.; Blandinieres, P.A.; Stien, D.; Bessiere, J.M.; Houel, E.; Baraloto, C.; Chave, J. Diversity of the Volatile Organic Compounds Emitted by 55 Species of Tropical Trees: a Survey in French Guiana 2009 Journal of Chemical Ecology 35 1349-1362