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Houel, E.; Rodrigues, A.M.S.; Jahn-Oyac, A.; Bessière, J.-M.; Eparvier, V.; Deharo, E.; Stien, D. In vitro antidermatophytic activity of Otacanthus azureus (Linden) Ronse essential oil alone and in combination with azoles 2014 Journal of Applied Microbiology 116 288-294
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Houel, E.; Bertani, S.; Bourdy, G.; Deharo, E.; Jullian, V.; Valentin, A.; Chevalley, S.; Stien, D. Quassinoid constituents of Quassia amara L. leaf herbal tea. Impact on its antimalarial activity and cytotoxicity 2009 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 126 114-118
Bertani, S.; Houel, E.; Bourdy, G.; Stien, D.; Jullian, V.; Landau, I.; Deharo, E. Quassia amara L. (Simaroubaceae) leaf tea: Effect of the growing stage and desiccation status on the antimalarial activity of a traditional preparation 2007 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 111 40-42
Odonne, G.; Bourdy, G.; Beauchene, J.; Houel, E.; Stien, D.; Chevolot, L.; Deharo, E. From Tonic-cups to Bitter-cups: Kwasi bita beker from Suriname Determination, past and present use of an ancient galenic artefact 2007 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 110 318-322