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Zinger, L.; Donald, J.; Brosse, S.; Gonzalez, M.A.; Iribar, A.; Leroy, C.; Murienne, J.; Orivel, J.; Schimann, H.; Taberlet, P.; Lopes, C.M. Advances and prospects of environmental DNA in neotropical rainforests 2020 Advances in Ecological Research 62 331-373
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Vleminckx, J.; Bauman, D.; Demanet, M.; Hardy, O.J.; Doucet, J.-L.; Drouet, T. Past human disturbances and soil fertility both influence the distribution of light-demanding tree species in a Central African tropical forest 2020 Journal of Vegetation Science 31 440-453
Verryckt, L.T.; Van Langenhove, L.; Ciais, P.; Courtois, E.A.; Vicca, S.; Peñuelas, J.; Stahl, C.; Coste, S.; Ellsworth, D.S.; Posada, J.M.; Obersteiner, M.; Chave, J.; Janssens, I.A. Coping with branch excision when measuring leaf net photosynthetic rates in a lowland tropical forest 2020 Biotropica 52 608-615
Verryckt, L.T.; Ellsworth, D.S.; Vicca, S.; Van Langenhove, L.; Peñuelas, J.; Ciais, P.; Posada, J.M.; Stahl, C.; Coste, S.; Courtois, E.A.; Obersteiner, M.; Chave, J.; Janssens, I.A. Can light-saturated photosynthesis in lowland tropical forests be estimated by one light level? 2020 Biotropica 52 1183-1193
Van Langenhove, L.; Verryckt, L.T.; Bréchet, L.; Courtois, E.A.; Stahl, C.; Hofhansl, F.; Bauters, M.; Sardans, J.; Boeckx, P.; Fransen, E.; Peñuelas, J.; Janssens, I.A. Atmospheric deposition of elements and its relevance for nutrient budgets of tropical forests 2020 Biogeochemistry 149 175-193
Van Langenhove, L.; Janssens, I.A.; Verryckt, L.; Brechet, L.; Hartley, I.P.; Stahl, C.; Courtois, E.; Urbina, I.; Grau, O.; Sardans, J.; Peguero, G.; Gargallo-Garriga, A.; Peñuelas, J.; Vicca, S. Rapid root assimilation of added phosphorus in a lowland tropical rainforest of French Guiana 2020 Soil Biology and Biochemistry 140
Van Langenhove, L.; Depaepe, T.; Vicca, S.; van den Berge, J.; Stahl, C.; Courtois, E.; Weedon, J.; Urbina, I.; Grau, O.; Asensio, D.; Peñuelas, J.; Boeckx, P.; Richter, A.; Van Der Straeten, D.; Janssens, I.A. Regulation of nitrogen fixation from free-living organisms in soil and leaf litter of two tropical forests of the Guiana shield 2020 Plant and Soil 450 93-110
Urbina, I.; Grau, O.; Sardans, J.; Ninot, J.M.; Peñuelas, J. Encroachment of shrubs into subalpine grasslands in the Pyrenees changes the plant-soil stoichiometry spectrum 2020 Plant and Soil 448 37-53
Tysklind, N.; Etienne, M.-P.; Scotti-Saintagne, C.; Tinaut, A.; Casalis, M.; Troispoux, V.; Cazal, S.-O.; Brousseau, L.; Ferry, B.; Scotti, I. Microgeographic local adaptation and ecotype distributions: The role of selective processes on early life-history traits in sympatric, ecologically divergent Symphonia populations 2020 Ecology and Evolution 10 10735-10753